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Statistic for 'Sweeva.com'

Statistic for the past 7 days
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06/05/2016 20:49
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04/05/2016 06:35
hi!just wanted to say that you’re doing an outstanding job! i’ve seen the older version 2 days ago and it’s just awesome! showed me some poirps&tenspectives i hadn’t yet discovered..i wanted to offer help in cleaning the audio up a littlebit, as i do this professionally as part of my job, but seems like you’ve done it already.. if there are still some files left or some very dirty ones you have problems with, feel free to ask me, i’d be happy contributing sth. to this!keep up the great work!! greets, chilli
03/05/2016 23:34
Hi, as a lot of other people have suegtsged, could you please make a tutorial for the hair bun?? I almost fell down the chair when I saw the picture, it looks amazing, I would love to be able to do my like that too! :) http://hgfvchhxwmy.com [url=http://ustlgfqhls.com]ustlgfqhls[/url] [link=http://amoaidnowqo.com]amoaidnowqo[/link]
02/05/2016 15:34
I have no problem with the t-shirt thing. . .and I've been the whole route. . .members and visitors get shirts for free, members pay and visitors get shirts for free, everyone pays a nominal fee to offset the cost of the t-shirt. Really doesn't bug me. What DOES bug me is if THAT--t-shirt/name/catchy slogan comes first. That I see as a problem. Identify a need/ministry that is relevant to your torotcommuni/y/neighbnwhood, pray about it, plan for it, pick the brains of folks who know what's what. . .THEN do the t-shirt.
02/05/2016 06:16
We need a lot more inigthss like this!

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