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Statistic for 'Traffic Exchange'

Statistic for the past 7 days
19-11-2017 0
18-11-2017 0
17-11-2017 0
16-11-2017 0
15-11-2017 0
14-11-2017 0
13-11-2017 0

Statistic week-to-week (for the past month)
Number of weekVotes
1 week 0
2 week 0
3 week 0
4 week 0
5 week 0

Statistic year-to-year
2010 41
2011 113
2012 110
2013 69
2014 10
2015 3
2016 0
2017 0


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04/05/2016 06:35
YEAH for Project Runway!!! I love that they kept it in the same style!! I cant wait to see what everybody dishes out cuz this season they are all sooo different. I did like the winning dress too, and the blue dress you have in the middle at the bomoSt.ooto excited it's back on!! =)
03/05/2016 23:34
How about how fast the K5 autofocuses against the D7000? I'm afraid the D300/s is a bit long in the tooth now. I may have my hands on the D7000 soon and I'll keep in mind the request. (btw, I liked your kiCdang).dirl http://xmvcfw.com [url=http://blmbnbx.com]blmbnbx[/url] [link=http://pnkkxh.com]pnkkxh[/link]
02/05/2016 15:34
Oh good, it1&82#7;s not a problem with my browser not refreshing this page properly Glad to hear the new season is a winner so far. I’m looking forward to it getting over here in a couple weeks.
02/05/2016 06:10
Not bad at all fellas and gaslla. Thanks.
21/06/2014 05:28
in a pre-order activity, 請放下對流行音樂的成見去聽這張專輯. and would you plasee throw away the image of yoga in the competition and listen to the album again? he is now a singer, no longer a participant.VA:F [1.9.8_1114](from 0 votes)

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